Alemany Artisan Turron Premium Box 3 x 125 g

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Alemany turrones uniqueness comes from its XIX Century recipe, which yields a distinctive white lush paste. Local nuts are slowly cooked with rosemary honey, this is the secret that gives our turrones our signature flavors. This fantastic three-pack contains some of the best favors to gift or to enjoy for yourself: Soft Turron, Hard Turron and Yema Tostada Turron, which has a burnt sugar finish.

  • Ingredients: Hard: 70% marcona almond, 17% rosemary honey, 12% sugar, egg white, wafer. | Soft: 70% marcona alm., 12% sugar, 17% rosemary honey, and past. egg white. | Yema Tostada: 60% marcona alm.s, 24% sugar, milk, egg yolk, rosemary honey & vanilla.
  • Product of Spain

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