Carbona Stain Devils No Scent Stain Remover Liquid 1.7 Fl oz

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Carbona Stain Devils No Scent Stain Remover Liquid. Before treating, remove as much of the cause of the stain as possible. Do not dilute. Place an absorbent white cloth beneath stain. Apply solution directly to stain.

Dermatologically tested to be safe for your hands and environmentally friendly for disposal. Stain Devils #2 is safe and effective on washable and water-safe fabrics, including cotton,
Tap stain with your finger, pushing it onto the cloth beneath it. Rinse with warm water. No two stains are the same, so an all-purpose stain remover isn’t the answer to treating them.

Use for Stained on: Barbecue Sauce, Chocolate, Gravy, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Pizza, Salsa, Soy Sauce, Spices, Steak Sauce, and Tomato Sauce. Wool, nylon, rayon, polyester, acrylics, and blends.

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