Curtis Dessert Tea Collection & Bloossom Assorted 8x5 Bags

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The Curtis Dessert Tea Collection & Blossom Assorted 8x5 offers a unique blend of black, green, and white tea. Indulge in a variety of flavors while enjoying its potential benefits, such as improved focus and relaxation. A perfect addition to any tea lover's collection.

  • Ingredients: Isabella Grape: Ceylon black long tea, grape flavoring, rose petals.
    Fresh Mojito: Chinese green long tea, mojito flavor (lime, mint), citrus zest, mint, lemongrass.
    Mango: Chinese green long tea, apple pieces, rose petals, mango flavor.
    Bountea: Chinese white long tea, rose hips, apple pieces, pitahaya flavor, acidity regulator citric acid.
    Delicate Black: black long tea.
    Fresh Green: Chinese green long tea.
    Elegant Earl Gray: black long tea, bergamot flavoring, citrus zest.
    Truffle: Ceylon black long tea, crushed cocoa beans, truffle flavoring.
    Blossom tea: Chinese green leaf tea, amaranth flowers.
  • Product of Kazakhstan

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