Haribo Saure Pommes Gummy Candy 175 g

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Haribo sour fries delight everyone who likes to snack on sour foods. The Haribo company gives this fruit gum a sour taste using citric and malic acid. Haribo sour fries also offer plenty of variety thanks to the use of numerous fruit and plant concentrates. They are packed in bags with a content of 175 grams.

  • Ingredients: Glucose syrup; Sugar; Strength; Water; Gelatine; Acidifying agent: citric acid, malic acid; Fruit and plant concentrates: carrot, safflower, spirulina, radish, sweet potato, black currant, hibiscus, apple, orange, elderberry, lemon; Aroma; Coating agent: carnauba wax; Caramel syrup; Invert sugar syrup.
  • Product of Germany.

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