Knorr Goracy Kubek Krem Borowikowy Z Grzankami 16 g

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Boletus mushrooms are known primarily for their unique taste and are one of the most popular types of mushrooms. If for some reason you miss picking mushrooms and just want to eat a delicious and flavorful soup or snack, buy Knorr Goracy Kubek Krem Borowikowy z Grzankami! Velvety and creamy boletuses will delight you with their taste and unique aroma!

  • Ingredients: Starch, croutons (18.4%) [bread (wheat flour, salt, yeast, rapeseed oil), palm oil, antioxidant: rosemary extracts], glucose syrup, palm fat, iodized salt, boletus mushrooms (4.1%), onion (3.7%), sugar, yeast extract, salt, aromas, milk proteins, concentrated mushroom juice (0.5%), parsley (0.3%), pepper
  • Product of Poland

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