Knorr Salad Kuchen Krauter Pack of 5

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Knorr Salad Kuchen Krauter 5 pcs are a convenient way to add the perfect amount of salad dressing to your meal. Made with high-quality ingredients, each piece provides 5 helpings of this delicious dressing. Enjoy the unmistakable flavor of Knorr without any of the hassle.

  • Ingredients: Maltodextrin, 19% iodized Meersalz², sugar, spices (garlic, mustard seeds, pepper, turmeric), acidity regulator sodium diacetate, citric acid, 3.5% herbs (chives, parsley), lactose, onions, modified starch, fructose, palm oil, starch, yeast extract, lemon juice powder, salt, flavorings. May contain traces of gluten and egg.²99% sea salt in the added salt.
  • Product of Germany

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