Knorr Spaghetteria Sauce Parmarosa

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A unique fruity-spicy sauce with sun-ripened tomatoes, cheese and basil. Whether creamy and tomato or spicy with cheese, with KNORR Spaghetteria sauces you can create authentic pasta sauces in no time. The whole family will enjoy this.
  • Ingredients: 30% tomato powder, palm oil, WHEAT FLOUR, 14% PROCESSED CHEESE (BLUE MOLD CHEESE, HARD CHEESE, Crescenza SOFT CHEESE, WHEY PRODUCT), sugar, iodized table salt, starch, lactose, herbs (oregano, basil, marjoram, thyme, rosemary), MILK PROTEIN, onions , 0.5% tomatoes, spices (garlic powder, pepper).
  • Product of Germany

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