Kopernik Torun Hearts Glazed Gingerbread 120g

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Polish gingerbread originates from the medieval city of Toruń - a local sweet with over 700 years of tradition! Torun gingerbread is known and loved all over the world! Today it comes in many varieties, but Torun Hearts (Serca Toruńskie®) are especially famous and adored by Torun gingerbread lovers. The soft, tender dough is prepared with the addition of eggs, which makes it thicker and fluffier in taste. With a sweet icing coating the outer layer, these cookies have a delicious, classic gingerbread flavor!

  • Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, rye flour, caramel (color), ammonium carbonate, powdered eggs, gum Arabic, spices, salt, othe acid. Contains: wheat, eggs. May contain milk, soy, peanuts, tree nuts (hazelnuts almonds, coconuts), sesame seeds.
  • Made In Poland

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