L'abeille Diligente Berlingots Honey Candies 170 g

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Indulge in the taste of traditional French hard candies with L'abeille Diligente Berlingots Honey Candies. Made with the finest fruits and honey from Provence, France, these candies come in a variety of flavors including Raspberry, Mint, Orange, Blackcurrant, and Pear. Perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings.

  • Ingredients: Cane sugar, glucose syrup, honey 12%, citric acid, natural flavors: lemon, raspberry, menhe, orange, blackcurrant, pear, natural coloring: curcumin, beetroot red, complex chlorophyll and chlorophyllins, paprika extract, carmine and medicinal vegetable carbon, camauba wax. May contain traces of milk, peanuts and tree nuts. Keep away from heat and moisture.
  • Product of France

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