LOVARE Flowers & Tea Collection 12 Flavors 60 Tea Bags

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The LOVARE Flowers & Tea Collection offers a delightful and thoughtful gift for tea lovers. This set includes 12 premium flavors, with 5 tea bags of each, for a total of 60 tea bags. Enjoy a variety of high quality teas with this unique and elegant collection.

  • Ingredients: «1001 Nights Tea» - Fine Ceylon black tea, fine Chinese green tea (10%), apple (1.5%), flower petals (cornflower, calendula, safflower, roses) (1.5%), natural Grape flavor
    «Splashes of champagne Tea» - Fine Ceylon black tea, Fine Chinese green tea (10%), strawberries (1.5%), cornflower petals (0.5%), natural strawberry flavor
    «Passion Fruit Tea» - Fine Ceylon black tea, chopped fruits (pineapple and peach) (5%), orange peel (3%), safflower flower petals (1%), natural Peach and Passion Fruit flavors.
    «Wild berries Tea» - Ceylon black long tea, shredded berries in equal proportions (strawberries, rose hips) (5%), natural Forest berries flavor.
    «Bergamot - Vanilla black tea» - Fine Ceylon long black tea, safflower petals (0.5%), natural Bergamot and Vanilla flavor, shredded vanilla.
    «Strawberry Marshmallow Tea» - Chinese fine green tea, dried shredded wild strawberries (1%), cornflower petals (0.1%), natural wild strawberry flavor.
    «Golden Mango Tea» - Chinese fine green tea, shredded mango (1%), safflower petals (0.2%), natural mango flavor.
    «Bahamian Soursop Tea» - Chinese fine green tea, soursop (1%), calendula petals (0.5%), natural soursop flavor.
    «Cleopatra's Night Tea» - Chinese fine green tea, raspberry (5%), pineapple and apple (1%), flower petals (safflower, roses, cornflower, and calendula) (0.5%), natural raspberry flavor.
    «Berry jam tea» - Petals of a Sudanese rose “hibiscus”, shreded strawberry (20%), shreded rosehip (20%), cornflower petals (0.5%), natural Raspberry, Currant and Cherry flavors.
    «Rooibos raspberry tea» - Rooibos, shreded raspberries (1.5%), natural Raspberry flavor.
    «Royal Dessert Tea» - Petals of a Sudanese rose "Hibiscus", shredded fruits (rose hips, cherries and strawberries) (25%), pineapple and orange peel (1.5%), petals of rose and calendula flowers (0.5%), natural cherry and blackcurrant flavors.
  • Product of Ukraine

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