Maesri Authentic Thai Green Curry Soup 14 oz

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As a trusted brand, Maesri offers a 14 oz Authentic Thai Green Curry Soup. Made with fresh green chili and sweet basil leaves, this creamy soup is free of artificial colors and preservatives. Experience the true taste of Thai cuisine with this fresh and spicy dish, which requires only fresh green chilies.

  • Ingredients: Coconut Milk 75%, Bamboo Shoots 6%, Soybean Oil 5%, Fresh Green Chilies 3%, Salt 1.8%, Garlic 1.7%, Shallot 1.6%, Sugar 1.5%, Wild Ginger 1.4%, Lemon Grass 1%, Basil Leaves 1%, Kaffir Lime Leaves 0.5%, Spices (coriander Seeds, Cumin, Cardamon, Turmeric), 0.3%, Galangal 0.1%, Pepper 0.1%
  • Product of Thailand

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