Mirabell Mozart Medallion & Mozartkugeln 271g / 8.59oz

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Mozart Composition in atmospheric gift pack as classic gift.
In 1890 when Paul Fürst, master sweet-maker in Salzburg, created a new chocolate speciality and named it after the city’s great musical genius, either to commemorate him or by intuition, he made it by hand. He covered a centre of marzipan with a layer of dark praline cream and coated that with a light praline cream. He then dipped this ball into dark smooth chocolate. The pastry-maker Fürst in Salzburg still makes Mozartkugel by hand.

  • Ingredients: Chocolate pralines filled with dark (27 %) and milky (28 %) nougat creme plus marzipan (6 %) PLUS fine medallions consisting of milk chocolate filled with praline paste (38%) and filling with marzipan (11%). Store cool and dry.
  • Product of EU

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