Rheila Salmiak Pastillen (Salty Licorice Bits), 90 g

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Strong and spicy. In Rheila Salmiak lozenges connoisseurs get into raptures, because the diamond-shaped licorice lozenges bring the characteristic taste of licorice root intensively to the palate. Awaken childhood memories by turning the extra strong treats into pretty patterns before snacking on the back of the hand. In the resealable bag, the pastilles are ideal for pampering the throat and throat with soothing pleasure.

  • Ingredients: potato starch; Sugar syrup; WHEAT STARCH; modified starch; Licorice root extract 10%; Ammonium chloride 7.6%; Gelling agent: gum arabic; Glucose syrup; Sugar; WHEAT GLUTEN; Saline; star anise; anethole; anise oil; Dye: biochar; Coconut oil, coating agent: beeswax.
  • Product of Germany

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