Rot Front Batonchiki Candy 250g

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The classic Rot-Front bars are a delicacy, familiar and loved from childhood. The sweets are made in the form of a regular cylinder, have the color of milk chocolate, an almost uniform consistency interspersed with small wafer crumbs, without glaze. Rot-Front bars have a pronounced taste and aroma of praline, the structure of the sweets is dense and plastic, easy to bite off. Rot-Front candy bars are packed in a traditional wrapper made of special red and gold paper.

  • Ingredients: sugar, vegetable fat, grated peanuts, cocoa powder, crushed wafers (wheat flour, sunflower oil, egg powder, emulsifier (E322), whole milk powder, salt, baking powder (baking soda), acidity regulator (citric acid), deodorized soy flour , antioxidant (E300), flavor identical to natural "Vanilla".
  • Imported Russian Sweets

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