Tuc Paprika Crackers 100 g

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Indulge in the perfect combination of flavor and texture with Tuc Paprika Crackers. These oven-baked cookies have a light and airy texture, perfect for pairing with a warm cup of tea. Each bite brings a delicious crispy and dotted structure that melts in your mouth. Treat yourself to a tasty and satisfying snack with Tuc crackers.

  • Ingredients: Wheat flour, sunflower oil/sunflower oil 22%, glucose syrup, baking powder, leavening agents (ammonium carbonates/ sodium carbonates), salt, spices / spices (paprika powder 0.3%, pepper), flavor enhancers (monosodium glutamate/white onion/garlic onion and garlic, flour treatment agent/flour treatment agent (SODIUM DISULFIT), aromas, yeast/yeast extracts, vegetable protein hydrolyzate, smoke aroma.
  • Product of EU

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