Wawel Kasztanki Crunchy Cocoa Chocolate Candy 11.64oz

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Indulge in the classic and irresistible taste of Wawel Kasztanki Crunchy Cocoa Chocolate Candy. For over 40 years, this exquisite dessert chocolate has delighted consumers with its rich cocoa flavor and addition of crispy wafers. Satisfy your senses and experience the seductive and unforgettable taste of Kasztanki.

  • Ingredients: Chocolate 43% [sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vegetable fat (shea), emulsifier: lecithins], sugar, vegetable fat (palm), wafers 8.9% (wheat flour, sugar, apple starch of earth, vegetable fat [palm, coconut], salt), skimmed milk powder, cocoa with reduced fat content 3.7%, emulsifier: lecithins, natural flavor. In addition to cocoa butter, chocolate contains vegetable fats. Chocolate: minimum cocoa mass 43%.
  • Product in Poland

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